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We have just launched a new and exciting
Ribbon Printer plus a brand new website!

Please visit our new website at

The above new website now overrides anything
that appears on this website.



At last, you can now  personalise ribbons for any occasion with our portable ZX-40 Ribbon Printer. The ZX-40 stands heads and shoulders above any other ribbon printer- and it is more than just a ribbon printer!

Simply, connect our ZX-40 Ribbon Printer to your PC and print ribbons in any language, any font, any type of graphics, for any occasion, all in an instant.

Click here to read more about this remarkable machine which is favoured  by professionals, throughout the world.

We lead where others follows!

Creative Printers of London have done it again by being the first to introduce iron on and washcare label printing with the ever versatile ZX-40 Ribbon Printing System!

We are the first again to introduce Ribbon Mailers - a convenient, safe and professional way of sending ribbons by post.

Our ribbon printing machine, the ZX-40, does it all! The market for washcare labels and iron labels is truly massive - why not benefit from this huge market without incurring any more capital expenditure? All you need is our special washcare and iron on material plus special foils.  Please click here to read more.

Watch demo video here
This website has now replaced our previous website featured on the above video (print-a-ribbon).

Another first by CPL!

We have invented the new 'Tidy-Rack' which takes care of neatly storing your foils/ribbons, washcare labels, name tags etc.

The first batch of Tidy-Racks have already been snapped up, the next batch has just arrived - RESERVE YOURS TODAY!

Anyone is welcome to purchase the Tidy-Rack, even if you do not have our Ribbon Printer.

Special prices for those who purchase the Tidy-Rack along with a Ribbon Printer package from us.

Click here for details.







Our new Ribbon Printer ZX-40 Ultra is
now more modern and versatile than anything
else that's available on the market.

You now also get a External Ribbon
Holder worth 29.99+VAT totally

Check us out at








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